Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

I purchased Preston from Stephney year-and-a-half ago, he is a sweet little boy that grew up to be a beautiful white male.

Andrea Y. from Washington State


Meet my Beautiful dog Cooper… He is the love of my life…I purchased him from Stephney Tack over a year ago… I had the greatest experience ever… I found Stephney on Facebook … And viewed some of her beautiful puppies.. And there he was… It was love at first sight…Stephney was a delight to work with… I had to have my puppy sent from Florida to Ohio… It was done with ease… She prepared everything…She was a delight…I can truly say I would do it all over again and again if I could!! My “Cooper ” is the best dog ever… And I can’t thank Stephney enough!!

Tami H. From Ohio


In December 2014, I was searching for a white male mini-schnauzer and I contacted Ms. Stephney Tack. She introduced my family to Murphy. Murphy will turn 2 next month and he is everything we always wanted in a dog. He is intelligent and playful and we are so happy that he is part of our family!

Tracey P. from Florida


Stormy is a delightful member of our family. We are so happy to have him. He loves to play, snuggle, and go for car rides. Not to mention that he is adorable!!

Valerie M. from Florida


Before finding our puppy my family did a lot of research on how to find the perfect match. We knew we were at the right place when we met Stephney’s dogs. They were just the sweetest and so, so good with the kids. We played with her puppies and fell in love with little black boy. Ace is now 4 months and he is a wonderful member of our family. He is playful, cuddly, and very sweet. We are so lucky to have this wonderful addition. Thank you Stephney!

Tiara A. from Georgia


Stephney and George. Thank You soooooo much for being awesome breeder’s. Bella and I love our little Lexi so much. Thank you for making the entire experience so easy and for opening up your home to us so we could visit little Lexi a few times before she was old enough to bring home. We recommend you guys all the time for anyone looking to add a miniature schnauzer to their family.

Brad & Bella from Florida


.Our family had been looking for a black male mini schnauzer. I saw a puppy on Facebook that was for sale in Florida that we fell in love with. I was able to contact Stephney and got more details about him. We live in North Dakota so we were concerned about buying a puppy off the internet and so far away but Stephney sent us pictures and videos of our puppy. She got a pet nanny and TUCKER flew to North Dakota in April of 2015. Tucker just fits perfectly into our family. He came from Florida but he has acclimated well to the North Dakota winters. Luckily, he loves the snow. We absolutely love him!!! We definitely recommend buying puppies from Stephney.

Sherrie K. from North Dakota


Our puppy fills our life with joy, he is smart, energetic and playful. We are very happy with our puppy since day one, and wouldn’t trade him for anything else in the world. He’s growing healthy and strong. Stephney is willing to go the extra mile for her puppies. She brought our puppy all the way from Georgia to Los Angeles, California. George has giving us cool tips from feeding to grooming tools. George and Stephney have shown a lot of support throughout the whole adoption process.

Bryan M. from Los Angeles, California


I received Max in December via nanny at nine weeks old from Stephanie fell in love with him immediately he is one of the most loving dogs I have ever owned his health we have had no problems with.

Laurie B. from Michigan


I searched for months for mini schnauzer breeders. When I came across a picture from Bow Wow Schnauzers of a cute little boy, I knew he was it. Stephney was very helpful and answered every question I had. She even had a few questions of her own which showed me she was interested in making sure he was going to a good home. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. My Obi is extremely healthy, smart, cute, and very energetic.

Gina G. from Florida


We can’t thank you enough for bringing Winston into our family. He has been such a wonderful addition, and everyone falls in love with him everywhere we go. He’s the most intelligent dog we’ve ever been around, he’s super friendly and loving. We absolutely fell in love with him the second we saw him. Stephney and George were great to explain information about the dogs and made it super easy to come by anytime we wanted to and see our puppy before he was ready to come home. Wonderful people and wonderful dogs, highly recommend!!!

Chad & Stephanie L. from Georgia


We are so happy to have our new addition to the family, Elsa. We are calling her our greatest gift of the year she has already brought so much joy and laughter to our home. She will also be a great playmate to our other dog Percy, once he gets used to having a little one around LOL. Thank you to the Tacks, we are so fortunate we found you!

Marie & Earle A. from Florida


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