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Why don't you ship puppies?

We require that you pick up in person or use a dog nanny to hand deliver your puppy. You would never allow your child to ride in the cargo area of an airplane and we won’t allow one of puppies to be shipped that way. We will gladly deliver your puppy for an extra fee, but understand that all of our puppies ride up top and never in cargo and are always hand delivered. No exceptions! Please contact us directly if you require delivery or have questions about this policy.

Why Should I Purchase From Bow Wow Schnauzer?

Because our schnauzers are raised with love from the moment they are born, and our pricing reflects the commitment we make. We have years of experience in miniature schnauzer breeding, and most importantly, because we’re a dog loving family. We breed for the best, simply put.

Can we come by and see the dogs?

Yes! We welcome you anytime. Call and make an appointment 352-988-7300

How are your schnauzers priced?

Our pricing is one of many areas where we place a lot of thought. Pricing is dependent on a few factors: size, coat, eye color. We have to admit our schnauzers are not the least expensive out there. Purchasing one of our beautiful schnauzer puppies means more than buying a dog that is intelligent, personable, hypo-allergenic, confident, and compact. You are getting a wonderful addition to your family.

When can I take my puppy home?

The minimum age is about 7-8 weeks, but if you are buying one of our smaller babies they may need to stay with us a little longer.

Are Schnauzers hypoallergenic?

Schnauzers do not shed and are considered to be hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for people with allergies or asthma. Every person will have his or her own degree of reactivity to certain dogs — their saliva and proteins in their bodies. Those dogs that are more universally less allergenic come from more specific breeds such as Poodles, Kerry Blue Terriers, Schnauzers, Bichons and Lhasa Apsos. They don’t shed a lot or they go to the groomer frequently and by getting their hair washed and trimmed, get the allergens off their skin. Diet and proper grooming can also decrease problems for those with sensitivities.

Do you offer microchipping?

YES WE DO!! We know how important your new schnauzer puppy is and we want to ensure we do everything possible to protect the newest member of your family. We offer micro-chipping and owner enrollment!

What kind of health guarantees do you have?

We offer a 1 year health guarantee on all of our schnauzer puppies. We only sell healthy dogs, each puppy undergoes an extensive vet review and you receive the original form for your records.

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